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Teesri is a not-for-profit company. When we have been silenced, unjustly misinterpreted, hated for whatever reason, giving voice remains one agent of change and healing. The power of a voice that counters the delusion of denial is the strength of this play.
Jaswant Guzder, transcultural psychiatrist

Auditions and Submissions


We participate in the annual general audition organized by the Quebec Drama Federation. Actors are encouraged to consult the QDF website for more information on this year’s audition For each of our productions, notices will be posted on this website/Facebook for actors’ auditions.

We welcome unsolicited CV’s from actors, designers, composers, stage managers, photo and video makers, production managers, technicians and others related to theatre production any time of the year. We are committed to multi-ethnic casting and encourage submissions from all ethnic and cultural backgrounds. We welcome both unionized as well as non-unionized artists as long as they have a long-term commitment to the arts.

CV’s can be sent by email to, or by surface mail, or delivered in person to: Rahul Varma, Artistic Director, 460 St Catherine west, suite 916, Montreal, Quebec, H3B 1A7

Playwrights Submissions

We are looking for culturally diverse and First Nation plays that are politically relevant examining meaningful social and cultural questions, exploring diverse worldviews and historical events that affect our lives and our socio-cultural heritage. We are interested in plays that engage the audiences both mentally and emotionally. We prefer plays that encourage dialogue, intercultural respect, and give exposure to marginalized communities and spotlight communities’ pressing concerns. We are open to playwrights of all cultural backgrounds as long as their work meets the above criteria and cultural diversity is expressed in a significant way in plot and characterisation. We define cultural diversity as Canadians of Aboriginal, African, Asian, South Asian, Arab, Muslim, and Latin American/Hispanic heritage that are often described as multicultural, ethno-cultural, visible minorities, communities of color or so on. Under special circumstances, we will consider a truly political play even if it does not have a culturally diverse component.

Please submit your play and a short synopsis electronically. Please include your biography, and the play’s production history and write in the subject line: Play Submission/(title of play). We will acknowledge receipt of your script and you can be assured that every script will be read within six months. We will be in contact with you at that time if the script is of interest to us.

Please be aware that we cannot provide feedback or enter into discussion on your work if we did not choose it for production.

Please send your submission to
Rahul Varma

Employment and Internship


Teesri is run by a small but dedicated team of artists and administrators. Time to time, we shall be posting job-vacancies on this website or on our Facebook page.

Artist Residencies

Teesri Duniya Theatre encourages committed and culturally diverse artists to apply as an artist-in-residence with our company. Goal of the artist-in-residence program is to provide necessary knowledge and hands-on experience in artist’s chosen field(s) for example directing, playwriting, design, composing, artistic-directing.
However, the artist must acquire funding from arts funding bodies such as the Canada Council, Quebec Arts Council or foundations, to support this position. We will provide all help that is necessary to access funds. The process includes a short letter of intent from you, a meeting with the artistic director and working on the application. If successful, you will spend agreed-upon period at the Teesri Duniya pursuing your training and artistic goals in collaboration with experts in your chosen field(s) of interest.


We accept up to six interns every year in connection with production, theatre administration and publication of Please know that these are unpaid internships however time to time, jointly with the intern, we are able to avail funds from funding sources. In the past, some of our interns have done their internship as a home-study program; some have received university credits for their internship at Teesri.

The Teesri Duniya Theatre’s Internship Programme offers practical experience to bridge the gap between the theoretical and the practical world. Internship involves an introductory period of information of the job and obligations through a one-to-one conversation with the artistic director, general manager or the editor of Next we, endeavour to provide you with hands-on opportunities directly relating to your specific areas of interests such as interning with directors, designers, costume, stage managers, production manager, media, marketing, publicity and literary management.

Each intern will also have access to mentoring advice from artistic directors, editor and general manager to help in personal development for a career in professional theatre and obtaining paid employment elsewhere. Many of our previous interns have gained excellent employment through the experience gained with their work with us. Some have formed their own theatre companies together with other professionals and interns they have met through working with us.

If you are an energetic individual with a passion for theatre, detail oriented, team player, self-motivated and technically competent, and will respect agreed-upon time commitment, we encourage you to contact the artistic director