Heart-wrenching and thought provoking – a hallmark of good social-issue theatre
Matthew Hays, The Globe and Mail
Student Matinees

We welcome school groups to all our shows at a special rate. In addition we provide education packs to ensure that teachers have the material to explore the play in the classroom. Please check recommended age suitability for the students groups. Students have benefit of Q & A session with the playwright, director or the cast.

Teachers Packages

We provide a separate study-guide on the theme of the play that will inform students of the historical significance, the contemporary relevance and the impact at an individual level. The Guide will suggest workshop activities to use as learning tools.

Class Visits

Playwrights, directors and artists visit class-rooms, present talks, engage students in an interactive conversation.

Intercultural Conversation

Where play’s wisdom ends, public’s wisdom begins. We organize public forums, information sessions, and panel discussions prior to, during and after the presentation. Panel discussions are moderated by experts, project participants and artists.