Current Season


Written by Stephen Orlov
Directed by Liz Valdez and Michelle Soicher
November 3rd to 18th November at MAI.
About the play
BIRTHMARK thematically challenges mainstream depictions of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict and youth radicalization in Canada. Set primarily in Montreal on the eve of Donald Trump’s incendiary presidency, this mixed-genre play of family drama, political thriller and dark comedy crosses the social and cultural divide between Canada’s Jewish and Palestinian diaspora communities.

Jewish writer David Stein tries desperately to sabotage his son Nelson’s plan to quit McGill and join an ultra-Orthodox Israeli settlement in the West Bank by revealing a family secret about Jamila Hassan, a Palestinian teacher. Jamila’s adopted daughter Hana suddenly disappears from UQAM on a mysterious political mission abroad, provoking a CSIS investigation. Both single parents must reluctantly ally to help save each other’s only child from life-or-death scenarios that compel us to ponder the essence of our common humanity.